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How authentic are the Chettinad recipes cooked by non-chettiars?


There are way too many Chettinad restaurants today, but none can compete to the chicken cooked by Aaya (Grandma). I was just 7 yrs old when she died, but I can still remember how I used to wait right next to the stove until the chicken rasam was ready. This hot rasam will cure your cold in just a few minutes!

Don't get me wrong, I am not against these restaurants, they have some great food, which are really tasty and mouth watering, but the point is the authenticity. I feel that Sombu, Jeeragam, Kasakasa and Thenkai dominate Chettinad Chicken in any chettinad house. But today there are so many recipes out there with no coconut and still claim to be Chettinad chicken! I guess my co-achis would agree!

I will be posting the following Chettinad Chicken recipes in the following week:

1. Chicken Rasam
2. Traditional Chicken masala (This is the best combination with the chicken rasam)
3. Chicken Kulumbu
4. Chicken Kuruma

Make them, taste them and sent me your comments. Happy Authentic Chettinad cooking!!

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