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Onion Cucumber Raitha (with a twist)


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One might wonder why I have added Raitha to my food blog! Even though it is one of the easiest recipes in the Indian cuisine, it can be made in a thousand ways. Each time I try to make it differently, some days I substitute cucumbers with carrots, beets, or bell peppers. But today I just added one special ingredient and there we go... it made my raitha so special. SO sharing this with you.

Raitha - Ingredients

Onion - 1
Cucumber - 1/2
Green Chillis (Thai hot peppers) - 2
Yogurt - 1 cup
Cilantro - little
MDH Podhina Chutney mix - 1/4 teaspoon (this is the special ingredient)



Chop onions, cucumbers, green chillis, and cilantro into small pieces and mix well with yogurt, salt and podhina chutney mix. Yummy Cucmber raitha is ready!

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