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Story behind this blog

Over the years I have been a good dancer, entertainer, student, and a software professional. So what next? Can I be a good cook too? Didn't know an answer then. But realized that I could be one after this incident!

One night Arun and I invited a bunch of friends for poker night and we played until 4 am. At 8 I woke up and realized that there were a few hungry bellies around. Few years back I would have served them with bread and bagels... But didn't feel the same that day, looked like the little cook in me inspired me to do things differently. So ended up making a great Indian feast!

Thanks to my mom, mother-in-law and sisters for inspiring me to be a better cook. They are much better cooks than me but don't have enough time to create a blog!

So guess what, I am starting a blog to give away our authentic family recipes.